Create a leading industry entity and a blueprint for the cultural and tourism industry.


Chuanghe Group actively lays out the cultural and tourism industry and meets the diverse needs of the public for travel and vacation, high-end health and wellness, etc., through providing different beautiful life consumption scenarios.


International Health


Zhangjiajie Yiyuan International Health and Wellness Center, to create a benchmark for high-end health and wellness


The project is located in Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City, with convenient transportation, 5 minutes away from the highway entrance. It is the only place to pass from the highway exit to the former residence of Helong, Jiutianfenglian Scenic Spot, and Badagong Mountain Primitive

Forest Nature Reserve.


The whole project adopts wooden structure prefabricated buildings. The wooden structure has been listed as a national key research and development plan 639 "Industrialized Building Standardization Parts Library Research" sciences and technology demonstration project. The project takes "life log house" as the carrier and high-end health care as the core including multifunctional business reception area, high-end health care service area, health care log house villa area, and supporting lawn plaza and open-air swimming pool. It is a rare high-end ecological health care resort in China.



Movie Town


International film and television technology new town, promoting Chinese film and television to integrate with the world


The International Film and Television Technology New Town is an important measure for Chuanghe Group to deploy the film and television industry which is committed to building a characteristic town that integrates film and television culture, film and television expo, industrial integration, high-tech technology, ecological environment, and leisure life. It not only gathers talents, capital, and technology and other high-end elements, but also show the humanistic temperament everywhere.


In the future, the new town will become an engine for the innovation and upgrading of the film and television industry and an important platform for urban innovation and openness, promoting the integration and prosperity of Chinese film and television and the world's film and television!




New Fashion Town


New Global Fashion Town, build an unprecedented fashion life experience


The new global fashion town is creating a world-class fashion and cultural tourism destination by introducing international fashion resources and boutique culture, linking mobile smart technology and promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese ethnic clothing culture combining China's unique advantages in the fashion industry


In the future, with Guangzhou as the center, through a landmark fashion cultural experience base, a fashion industry cluster that radiates across the country will be established, and China's fashion industry will be comprehensively promoted to develop faster and better!





Car town


The Auto Industry New Town focuses on “automobile intelligence industry, auto service industry, auto culture industry, and auto sports industry”, strengthens the organic integration of production, ecology, and life, and is committed to building a new generation of auto industry integration “based on China and facing the world” body.


 The new town covers the entire automotive industry chain, integrating events, transactions, exhibitions, training, competitions, beauty modification, commerce, and living facilities. At the same time, it is linked with green environmental protection and smart technology which is a new type of the automotive industry ecosystem merging automobile culture and fashion tourism culture!