Chairman Pan Jie of Chinese Cre-Harmony Group(CCG) was invited to attend the first Huawei Middle East ICT Personnel Training Summit

Release time:2018-01-08  Label:Huaweim,ICT,Middle East,Personnel Training Summit

On December 25, 2017, CCG’s chairman Pan Jie was invited to the headquarters of Huawei in Shenzhen to attend the first Huawei Middle East ICT Personnel Summit and Huawei ICT Skills Competition of Middle East Region. Ambassadors and general consuls including Oman Ambassador to China from 8 Middle East nations, officials of Chinese Education Department and International Center for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO, related departments’s leaders of Huawei, students and teachers of 13 representative teams from 10 Middle East countries.  


With the rapid development of information and communication technologies, enterprises’ demand for talents is growing day by day. The discussion points of Huawei’s Middle East ICT Personnel Summit are how to cope with the challenge of talents demand, to support each country’s development strategy, and industry-academy cooperation in talents cultivation.

Attendants at the meeting discussed how digital transformation to assist the Middle East to achieve national plan and set goal of vision, and discussed the important meaning of local talents’ cultivation to realize digital transformation.

Director Ding Lianpu of Chinese and Foreign Culture Exchanges Centre under Chinese Ministry of Education, Vice Director Zhao Jianhua of International Center for Higher Education under the Auspices of UNSECO, Vice President Simon Lacey of Huawei Government Affairs Department, all made speeches at all levels from government policy, international cooperation, social progress promotion,etc., to expound the significance of personnel cultivation and development suggestions.

Vice Director Zhao Jianhua of International Center

for Higher Education under the Auspices of UNSECO

Guests’ farsighted speeches, audiences’ enthusiastic questions, discussions and collision of ideas, all made chairman Pan Jie had certain understanding to personnel cultivation of the Middle East. schools and colleges.

After the conference, Huawei ICT final Competition of Middle East Region held an award ceremony. Lebanon team won the first prize, the team 1 and team 2 of Pakistan won the second prize, and Oman team, Jordan team, Bahrain team won the third prize. With the witness of diplomatic envoys, government and institution officials, and Huawei’s senior managers of relevant units, Huawei’s senior leaders including Yang Youjia who is Huawei’s CEO of Middle East region and Sun Maolu who is Huawei’s CEO of service department presented awards for wining units and individuals.

CCG’s Chairman Pan Jie and Oman’s Ambassador to China Abdullah·Saldi sincerely wished much more cooperation and development among China and Middle East Countries.